squats gym

Bodybuilding Gym in Streatham

Personal Training and Strength Coaching

We are in the business of building better bodies

Since 1989.

squats gymi in streatham

Whether  you are a beginner, a seasoned bodybuilder or a pro athlete, Squats Gym has everything you will need for the best workout possible ! 

First of Squats Gym is not a fancy cloned fitness center, if your looking for this,  Squats Gym wont be for you,  SORRY !

Squats is an “old school”  type gym with lots of free weights and room to use them, with an atmosphere you just cant find in most gyms.

At squats we are on first name terms, you are not just a number to us, we are an independent gym owned by the same person for nearly 30 years.
Between the owner and the personal trainers there is over 75 years of knowledge in the gym at any time, which we are happy to share with you.