We have been delivering results since we opened our doors in 1989.

Squats gym has virtually every type of strength and bodybuilding  equipment you could possibly need.

With a combination of plate loaded and weight stack machines from leading manufacturers such as Hammer Strength and Gym 80. Each piece has been handpicked for its movement, function and quality.

dumbells in squats gym

We have literally tons of free weights, Olympic bars and discs. Huge range of dumbbells up to 70 kg. Most importantly squat and power racks made by Hammer Strength. With over 30 years of experience we have created the ideal  gym to inspire and encourage you to achieve your goals.

Squats Gym has been designed for people serious about training. Our aim was to create the best environment for producing great results. A no-nonsense facility with the best equipment. We have no fancy gimmicks, no steam rooms, saunas or pools ! However we do have friendly experienced staff who are as serious about your training as you are!

bodybuilding gym streatham

We have dedicated Personal Trainers,  from general health and fitness to bodybuilding, that can provide you with the knowledge, support and motivation to help you reach your goals.


Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or improve strength & stamina. Male or female whatever your sport and whatever your level you are welcome at  Squats Gym.