Our wonderful customers are the reason were in business.

Here are some of the great things they have said about us.

Great gym good facilities for every aspect of training, friendly staff always at hand to help. people are friendly always a good atmosphere, weather you are a first timer or experienced the gym suits all. Have been training there for over ten years now and would always highly recommend.

Andrew Chapman

p.t. squats gym

Iv always loved a old school free weight gym. And this gym is wicked for that, provides all I need. Atmosphere is good so makes you want to train not laze about. Staff are always friendly and always protein products available.

Burhan Abdi

squats gym

The best free weights/ bodybuilding gym in London its all about the old school at squats if you want gains train there. Supplements are top class friendly staff always there to help the new hammer strength power rack is the nuts i do just about all my exercises on it.

From Andrew Molloy.

Lucky to have a friendly old school weights gym so local ,everything you need.
No fancy tools, no bad attitude, no waiting for weights, benches or even machines.
Great space.

From Melanie Rutherford.

squats gym

In My opinion this gym is second to none in London. Its a classic free weights gym with the best atmosphere of any gym I have  ever used. The members are really friendly and the staff don`t treat  you as a number, they are very knowledgeable and give great training advice.

From Nick Smewing.

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