Squats and why You should be doing them.

It is not just an exercise for the legs, squats work most muscle groups when done with proper form,  It”s one of the most natural movements We can do as humans, it starts even as babies they are always trying to get there arse of the floor. Most people that come into the gym to squat, all come and say I want to get bigger legs, but squats can be used in any routine, even if You are trying to loose weight, just do more reps with less rest time and You will get great results.squats at squats gym

So much conflicting stuff about how to do them.

At the gym, there are a lot opinions about reps, weight, style and of course how low should You go. Before You can answer any of these, You need to know why You want to squat. For example Bodybuilders, weightlifters, cross trainers will all have there own way of doing squats (reps,weights,form,etc). To talk about all versions of squats will take more than one post and a few videos, so here we will just help with some real basic advice.

squats gym

Starting out.

To be truthful, if you have never squatted before you should get a personal trainer, and one that is great on form. Always use a squat rack or power cage and set it properly so the bar is the same height as your collarbone if the option is higher or lower always choose the lower option, so you don`t go up on your toes to rack the bar, you wont want to do that as the weight gets heavier. Put the bar on your upper back avoiding resting it on the neck.

Slowly sit back into a squat, some people choose to put a bench behind them so they can gauge the depth of the squat and it helps with form when you sit back. Opinions will differ at this point, due to body type and what type of training your doing, but 90 degrees is  great for starting out, deeper can be more beneficial.

squats gym

So hopefully this has convinced you to squat, but like I said this was not a post on how to squat, but why you should. Whether Your goals are gaining strength and size or to shred, squats are a great way to get You there.

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